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A list.
At one time, I offered my opinion on each, but not anymore.
Read the blurb. Make your own choices about what to read because each book provides a unique journey to the reader.
My journey won’t reflect yours, and yours most def won’t shape mine. Feel free to share it with me in the comments anyway.
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Book List


Her memoir — Golden.

The four novels based off her memoir — Binge them all.





(Yeah, I said no opinions. My site, my rules to break.)


This one stuck with me. Like…hardcore. My husband was worried about me.



Sidenote: While Chase makes an excellent book boyfriend, Tallulah the ugly cat is my vote for best book pet.


The socks. God, I love the socks.

“Trying to walk away from something you love is like trying to drown yourself. You want to, but it’s unnatural to not crave air.”

I love a bad boy. The more tattoos, piercings, and arrogance, the better. I know. I’m better than this, but really I’m not.

P.S. Read All The Bright Places by this author. Do not pass go or collect $200 until then. I fell in love and had my heart shattered by Theodore Finch.

Fun fact: “Vampire sex” can easily turn into a telepathic orgy.

Read it. Wake creates a lyrical coming-of-age story with so much depth and description, even if you end up disliking the characters or find the student/teacher trope overdone or inappropriate, you’ll find something redeemable.

The writing is amazing.

Let me repeat that. Amazing.

A re-read. I love Drew Evans. He’s the complete ass hat, womanizing, alpha we all secretly want on some level. Most of what he claims to know about women is wrong, which only adds to the humor.

We need more all-male POV contemporary romances. There. I said it. And if read with the right frame of mind (Drew’s supposed to be the guy you roll your eyes at–he’s a cocky asshole and owns that shit), Chase delivers one.