We all know every story has two sides. Elusion was Jordan’s, and now, it’s finally time to experience it all through Callie’s eyes.

Torn between the life she wants and the one she’s forced to keep living, Callie Henders has no room for any complications. The secrets she hides, the truth she wants to escape—it’s all in a delicate balance, easily upset. The last thing she needs is to land on the radar of the campus’s most notorious one-night stand.

Jordan Waters is the worst kind of gorgeous, cocky, and he never backs down from a challenge. When he declares Callie his latest one, he has her breaking rule after rule she’s set for herself. With every single one, the two worlds she swore to keep apart come closer. And it’s only a matter of time before they collide.

In Elusion, Jordan uncovered the scars Callie had tried to hide. In Limbo, we watch all of the walls come crashing down from the inside.

This is a retelling of the events from Elusion. While it can be read as a complete standalone, it is best enjoyed if read after Elusion.

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