Darkened Soul

Darkened Soul

Keep my Nephilim alive. Earn back my light. Finally go home.

As a Watcher, nothing else should matter. Nothing else has mattered. Until her.

She dug her way in without any invitation. Now, she haunts my dreams and makes me lose focus. The one mortal off-limits, and regardless of how hard I try, I can’t stay away. And the more untouchable she becomes, the more I want her.

At first, she’s a distraction that could cost me the eternity I’ve worked so hard to protect. But then she becomes a danger beyond anything I’ve ever imagined. When it comes to her, it’s not only my immortality hanging in the balance. This woman threatens my soul’s very existence.

Our story was always meant to be messy—because, at the end, one of us has to die.

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Darkened Soul is the second book in the When Watchers Fall series.
This fallen angel romance can be read in order with Fallen Rebel or as a complete stand alone, but fair warning—these angels are addicting.
Chapter 1 Preview



One of the glaring misrepresentations of creation surrounds women being brought into existence. Eves weren’t some afterthought, plucked from the ribs of Adams to keep them from screwing the livestock. And yes, plurals because every remix of creation included a pair. Women were always a part of the plan, coming from the same dust, given the same flesh and free will as men. They just figured out better ways to use both.

And I, for one, am damn glad they did.

Especially when the short skirt and legs that have been keeping my attention from across the bar pass by me. I swivel my stool, and her eyes linger on mine before they dart to the hallway in the back.

It only takes a glance at Kai to know he’s not going anywhere. The blonde who dragged him over to the booth earlier has more of her ass on him than the seat. The kid might only be twenty-three, but between his constant thrill-seeking and the ability to talk the panties off anything that moves, I can say without a doubt, he’ll go down as my favorite charge.

By the time my new friend looks at me again, I’m finishing my beer and standing up to follow.

“What’s your name?” she asks, her nails digging into my scalp.

It’s the first thing she says to me after dragging me into the ladies’ room. We wasted no time in getting past the pleasantries of her tugging open the button of my jeans and me pressing her up against the tiled wall.

I chuckle at her sudden interest. “Does it matter at this point?”

She slips her fingers into the waistbands of my jeans and briefs and nudges them down. “Only if you want me to moan it.”

Holy hell, this chick. I almost stop hiking up her skirt—almost. “You can cry out whatever you want, gorgeous. Sex god or badger.”

She laughs, looping her arms around my neck as I hoist her up by the backs of the legs. They lock around my waist, her head shaking while I roll on the condom. “I’m not calling you—oh fuck.”

Her head falls back against the wall when I drive into her, but then she’s there with me again. Her heels dig into my ass, and our mouths connect, tongues colliding. She tastes like that cinnamon shit some tool sent her a shot of earlier.

With my next thrust, she moans out the sweetest sound, and curiosity wins out.

“Chaz,” I say.

She smiles against my lips, her eyes fluttering open. “I’m Nyx.”

I pull away enough to see the rest of her face. “Like the goddess.”

“Uh-huh,” she answers, her head lulling back again.

Her throat stretches out, displaying flawless skin. I kiss and lick her neck, pulling her to me while I push into her. We say very little of anything intelligible from then on. Each flex of my hips, she meets—hands, mouths, and teeth everywhere. My name is fucking magic from her mouth when her back arches off the wall. She comes apart for me, and I couldn’t hold back if I wanted to. I thrust into her a few more times and sink deep on the last one, groaning into her neck. Her skin smells fantastic, and I breathe her in for a second, earning a satisfied hum.

While I lower her feet to the floor, my lips catch hers one more time, and it occurs to me how ass-backward the entire exchange has been. Even for me, a bar bathroom without a word from a girl I don’t know is a little much. Not that I’m complaining. Fuck, after this, I might need to consider the idea more often.

Nyx straightens her skirt again before I flip the lock on the door. I flash her a grin and let her lead the way out. It gives me another view of what made me follow her in here in the first place.

She’s already past the end of the hall when Kai rounds the corner with his arm draped around the sexy blonde. I step out of the way as they pass me and glance back to catch his smirk. He pushes open the door across from the one I just exited and guides her in. At least I had the decency to screw in the ladies’, which not only smelled like fucking roses, but also looked like it’d been cleaned within the last century.

I hesitate at the end of the hallway to watch the door close behind them, still uneasy about my charge being in a public restroom. Then again, I’d worry about my sanity if I wasn’t concerned after the whole demons-tried-to-kidnap-a-Nephilim bullshit from the beginning of summer. Three months isn’t quite long enough to get over nearly losing your eternity. Give me a solid four at least.

“Hey.” Nyx reappears and tugs on my arm. “Buy me a drink?”

I raise an eyebrow at her. “After that? You should be buying me one.”

Her eyes roll, but she smiles. She really is gorgeous, raven hair and melty amber eyes, with a spark of sin radiating from her.

I already planned on buying her a beer. Call me a romantic, but I thought it would be before I was inside her. After I flag down the bartender for drinks, we head outside to the patio where a tall wooden fence blocks the street. Most of the time, my lap ends up as the chair when I bring someone back here, but she lands on the picnic bench next to me. Still not complaining. It’ll make bailing the second Kai’s ready to leave all the easier.

Only when Nyx turns to face me—batting her long lashes and denting her lower lip between her teeth—I know we won’t make it that long. Her eyes lower, and she’s going to ruin this in three … two … one…

“You want to get out of here?” She twists the neck of her beer bottle. “Or maybe you can call me sometime? We can fuck in a restaurant coatroom. Compare and contrast.” She laughs out the last few words and peeks up again.

I half-smile, really wishing she hadn’t just said any of that.

Luckily, my charge rarely takes long to seal the deal. The adrenaline starts pumping through Kai, giving me the first hint of divine light. The slow burn unfurls in my chest before creeping down my arms. No matter how long my punishment on Earth lasts, the return of the light never disappoints.

“You don’t want me to call you,” I say, setting down my beer.

Her eyebrows pull together, and she goes back to watching her hands. “I’m pretty sure I do. I mean, you did refer to yourself as a sex god and then only made me come once, but—”

The heat hits my hands, spiking through my fingers until the tips burn. I skim them over her cool cheeks and cradle her face between my palms. The light leaves them and warms her skin beneath.

“You don’t want me to call you,” I tell her, softening my voice to barely above a whisper. “You don’t want me to take you home or walk you to your car.”

Nyx’s body relaxes as she brings her hands to hang from my wrists, melty amber eyes gazing up at me. “I don’t?”

I shake my head. “You don’t want anything from me. In fact, you’re going to go inside, buy yourself another drink, and not care if you ever see me again.”

She nods, slowly at first, but then surer of herself as the light seeps in, my words becoming a reality. When I let my hands fall away, she blinks a few times before glancing around. Her attention returns to me, and she forces a smile.

“I’m going to get another beer.” She stands and holds out a hand like she’s worried I might offer to go with her. “I’ll be back.”

The door slams behind her, and I take a swig of my drink, thankful as fuck she won’t be. Nothing against her. She was one of the more tolerable mortals. It’s just that I’m at my quota. Two Nephilim to keep alive so my soul doesn’t become a permanent fixture outside those heavenly gates. And it will take more than a set of pouty red lips and a perfect ass to distract me.

A hell of a lot more.

Even if my dick gives off the impression of being easier to sway.